Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton

Position: CEO & Founder – Hex Technologies
Categories: Steering Committee 2024


I am honored to be here as the Vice Chairman of the 2023 Heat Exchange World Americas event.  I look forward to this stellar event where attendees can enjoy networking opportunities, technical demonstrations, and learn of the latest innovations in heat transfer equipment. This event will once again serve as a stage for new technologies, ways of thinking, and cost-saving initiatives recently developed in this diverse industry. My involvement in the Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Americas 2023 has already been incredibly rewarding.

Throughout my career, I have led the charge in making sure industry professionals are knowledgeable and aware of bolting guidelines and best practices.

As Chair of ASME PCC-1, I am leading the push to create and implement standards for bolted flange joint assemblies. During my career, I have been able to assist OEMs, end users, and the industry in providing the training necessary to understand bolting in relation to heat exchangers and other industrial systems. Training and education are the best way to ensure that your heat transfer equipment reaches peak performance – knowledge and understanding of the equipment is vital to extending the life of your assets, troubleshooting issues, and improving processes.

Whether it be savings on heat exchanger costs, reliability improvements, maintenance, or networking opportunities that brought you to Heat Exchanger World, I am confident that there is something for every professional from hands-on demonstrations, technical presentations, panel discussions, and more.

Best Regards,

Scott Hamilton
Founder & CEO

Hex Technology