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Brask Inc. specializes in the design and fabrication of custom packaged units for the downstream market which consist of a Downstream Product Line (Customized Equipment), Heat Exchangers, Helical Exchangers / Bundles Strip and Retube Bundles, Pressure Vessels, and Upstream Product Line, ABS Inspected & Approved D.O.T. IM-101 Portable Tanks with Patented “Tank Within Tank” Design for Corrosive Service, ABS Inspected & Approved D.O.T. IM-101 Portable Tanks for Non-Corrosive Service, Maintenance and Refurbishing of Certified Coast Guard Marine Portable Tanks and ASME Pressure Vessels, Poly Blending Units , D.O.T. Cargo Tanks with Poly Liner for Transporting Corrosives, D.O.T. 412 Acid Transport Trailers, Single/Double Pump Skid Units, Bulk handling equipment, and Liquid additive units.

Since 1972, CUST-O-FAB has earned a reputation for consistently providing heat transfer companies with quality ASME Code fabricated equipment and on-site services. CUST-O-FAB strives for excellence by exceeding expectations in terms of Safety, Quality, Schedule, and Value. Whether it’s a routine turnaround, capital project, specialty maintenance services, fabricated equipment, or an emergency shutdown, our highly experienced team can successfully execute your next project from planning through completion. CUST-O-FAB’s regional fabrication shops allow for superior response time, coordination, and streamlined field delivery to get your project up and running as fast as possible. CUST-O-FAB provides nationwide support through our fabrication and on-site service locations in Oklahoma (Tulsa, Sand Springs, and Catoosa), Texas (Beaumont and Corpus Christi), Montana (Billings), and Louisiana (Geismar).

Dunn Heat Exchangers, Inc. is a family owned company with 50 years of experience. It offers a full array of heat exchanger cleaning, decontamination, repair, and fabrication services all under one roof. With numerous enclosed cleaning bays, a full-service machine shop, and over 220,000 square feet under one roof, Dunn Heat has the capacity and the experience to get your equipment quickly back in service. Its cleaning and repair services occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing for maximum productivity and the fastest turnaround time. This efficiency, access, and experience make Dunn Heat Exchangers a unique service provider to the oil and gas, petrochemical and power generation industries.

Elliott Tool Technologies is proud to represent 125 years of manufacturing, sales, and engineering experience. In September 1892, an inventor and manufacturer named Gustav Wiedeke began a small manufacturing business in a modest building at the rear of his Dayton, Ohio home. Today, over 100 years later, Wiedeke Dayton has become Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd. due to Mr. Wiedeke’s efforts. The Wiedeke business continued to operate as a family enterprise for the next 32 years. By this time, Wiedeke products had earned a worldwide reputation for excellence in the industries they served. Wiedeke tools were innovative enough to be covered by various patents and trademarks. In 1916, William Elliott also recognized the need and opportunity in the industry for efficient tube cleaning equipment. Operating plants in both Ohio and Pennsylvania, the company went through several company name iterations (Lagonda Springfield and Elliott Springfield) and eventually became known as the Elliott Company. By the late 1960’s, Elliott Company also enjoyed a worldwide reputation for its cleaning and turbomachinery products. And in 1969, acquired the Gustav Wiedeke Company. Today it is a private company known as Elliott Tool Technologies. Boasting self-directed work teams, exceptional customer service, and a continued commitment to producing tube tools Gustav Wiedeke and William Swan Elliott would be proud of.

Since 1993, Equipment Group International (EGI) has been a dominant provider in the heat transfer industry by supplying and manufacturing tooling, equipment, and process solutions. Our long-term partnerships with Krais Tube Tools and Curtiss-Wright EST Group coupled with our acquisitions of Airetool (2017) and Vernon Tube Tools (2020) allow us to provide a comprehensive suite of options of the maintenance and manufacturing of heat transfer equipment. Our expansive product lines grant us unique insight and market awareness to better understand our customers’ needs. Field experience and technical expertise helps us provide the right solutions, the first time.

Ohmstede was founded in 1905 by August Ohmstede as an automotive repair shop in Beaumont, Texas. In 1902, the discovery of large pools of accessible crude oil at Spindletop, Beaumont TX., ushered in the industrial age for refining crude oil into a diversified portfolio of usable products. Ohmstede shifted operations to support the high demand for quality machining and repair of highly engineered process equipment. The Texas Company (Texaco), and Gulf Oil Company refineries located in Port Arthur, TX., were the largest refining operations in the world for many years. The Motiva Refinery, formerly The Texas Company refinery in Port Arthur, is currently the largest refining operation within the United States. Ohmstede developed and patented many machining processes to increase efficiency and quality of industrial process equipment. The company strategically expanded operations in close proximity to gulf coast ports where many oil companies established refining operations for receiving crude oil and distribution of refined products to developed and emerging nations throughout the world.

With 10 locations across the US and Canada, Superior (SPR) sells and rents specialty tools and equipment for the Oil and Gas, Mining, Heavy Construction, Shipbuilding, Aerospace, Defense, and Power Generation industries. We offer a line of portable ID/OD flange facers, linear/gantry and rotary mills, end prep bevelers, isolation and weld test plugs, auto bore welders, and line boring machines, and we provide custom engineered equipment and tools for specific applications. SPR also provides custom and standard tool bits, as well as precision grinding. SPR provides value added engineering, training, and operational support, while maintaining the industry’s highest health, safety, and environmental standards. Our extensive experience in service, our background in equipment requirements, and our willingness to go the extra mile are the cornerstone of our commitment to providing exceptional equipment and customer care.

TEADIT® Group is recognized worldwide as a leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for critical fluid sealing processes. The wide variety of sealing solutions developed by Teadit® have been important tools for many industries including the Refining, Chemical Process, and Power Generation industries. Teadit® has helped a number of industries achieve the goal of an emission-free environment within their facilities. Teadit® is constantly investing in R & D to keep up with the evolution of the industry’s needs. Teadit® North America is located in Houston, Texas. Worldwide, we have locations in South America, Europe and Asia. The variety of sealing solutions developed by TEADIT® is fundamental in order to achieve the leakage-free goal in the many industries we serve. The quality and effectiveness of these solutions are based on management and innovation, which are the basis for all products manufactured at any Teadit® plant. As a result of this continuous process of quality improvement, an ISO 9001 certification was obtained in Brazil, the United States, and Europe. Every Teadit® product is developed, manufactured and installed to achieve the goal of ensuring leakage control and environmental preservation.