“The most wide-ranging collection of heat exchanger experts that I have ever seen.  Starting with the material suppliers, to tube and plate manufacturers, EPC contractors, heat exchanger fabricators and most importantly the end-users and the field maintenance providers. This conference brought everyone to a common location where we could hear and learn about the topics that impact our industry. The wide range topics had something to appeal to everyone within the scope of Heat Transfer Equipment. I especially was interested in the session on “Tube to Tube-sheet Joints”  – because the topic of how best to obtain a reliable leak-free joint has been a recurring issue in my career. What I enjoyed most was that although I have been in this industry for over 40 years, I still found multiple topics where I learned something new,” – Bill Ashenhart, Principal Engineer – Heat Transfer – S&B Engineers & Constructors

“The 2022 edition of the Heat Exchanger World Conference & Expo Americas was well attended and very entertaining.  The expert roundtable discussion on ASME, API, and TEMA codes and standards was very enlightening with solid audience participation and Co-Chair Naomi Jabbari’s talk on Heat Exchanger Usage in Sustainable Energy was spot-on in highlighting heat exchanger opportunities in the changing face of the energy industry.  To top it all off the live concert and cookoff after day one was a great way to enjoy the camaraderie that exists in the heat exchanger community,” – Paul Miller, Lead Heat Transfer Engineer, Technip Energies

“The show was great. I felt there was a lot of valuable information shared during the discussions and people in attendance benefitted greatly. There was a good mix of owners and contractors so the networking aspect of it was very advantageous to us as a company.” – Kyle Dunn, Manager – Dunn Heat Exchangers Inc.

“Heat Exchanger World Americas 2022 raised an already high bar. We noted better attendance from plant personnel and contractors in addition to already good participation from fabricators.  The conference presentations were noteworthy for a good mix of new technical information that is grounded in the practical realities of real-world application challenges. For anyone who was thinking of attending in 2022 but did not – I highly recommend that you do not miss next year.” – Mike Nemeth, President, Elliott Tool Technologies Ltd.

“As a speaker and attendee at the Heat Exchanger World Americas, I was privileged to hear and meet with a number of heat transfer luminaries. Their cutting-edge knowledge and valuable insight provided the basis for meaningful and real-world discussions.  This was made possible through a conference environment that was crafted by allowing for a free flow of thoughts and ideas.  I highly recommend attending any and all KCI conferences, symposiums or gatherings. I want to thank everyone that made this event possible. It was by far one of the most interesting, motivational and educational conferences I have been to.” – Mike Radicone, Project Lead, HTRI (Heat Transfer Research, Inc.)

“What impressed me the most about Heat Exchanger World Americas 2022 was the tremendous year over year growth. This industry has clearly spoken and demands such an event.  The event provides a forum for all stakeholders of heat exchangers to meet, interact and learn.  I cannot wait to see what Heat Exchanger World does in 2023.” – Craig Sullivan, President, ADTUBI USA, Inc.

“Heat Exchanger World Americas 2022 Conference and Expo was an amazing event and a great success for the heat transfer community. The community came together to show new inventions, practical solutions and cost, time and environmental saving opportunities for design, fabrication, maintenance and safety for end users, EPC companies and manufacturers of heat exchangers. I really enjoyed walking in the Expo to explore new technologies, having discussion with vendors and end users to find solutions for current heat transfer problems in EPC projects. I was impressed by conference presentations that showed that the heat transfer community is ready to support energy transition in the decades ahead to satisfy the growing demand on the clean energy market to reduce the risks and costs of environmental pollution and climate change.” – Vice Chair Naomi Jabbari, Heat Transfer Engineer for S&B Engineers & Constructors.

“It was even better than expected, we had a lot of visitors. This is the first exhibit we have joined since Covid happened, and we met so many people.” – Nozomi Kurahara, Senior Manager – Sales, Nippon Yakin America.

“The variation in conference topics was refreshing and interesting and the keynote presentations were very educational and gave an in-depth view of our environment. It provided a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with great interaction.” Robert Taylor, Technical Director, 3S Superior Sealing Services.

“What a great event for vendors, manufacturers and end users alike! I have been impressed by the growth of Heat Exchanger World and the professional approach to putting on this event. The breakout sessions are full of insight from industry professionals and I always wish I had more time to sit in on more talks. Personally, I came away with a new appreciation for the amount of experience under this roof and the willingness to share with each other. We plan on keeping this event on our calendars in the future.” – Chris Grice, VP of Field Services, Ward Field Service Group.

“I really think the event was well done. I enjoyed the whole aspects of the event, especially the presentations during the workshop sessions. I really enjoyed meeting face-to-face with several of my old contacts/friends after about three years for some – since the start of pandemic.” – Jamal Jamalyaria, Director of Engineering, Flexitallic

“The Expo seems to improve each year – specifically by hosting valuable knowledge sharing in the space of heat exchangers; I especially enjoyed the Panel Discussion on the good, bad, and ugly from TEMA with industry experts. I also really enjoyed the sense of community building – this year’s addition of a cook-off and live music show was a hit. I am looking forward to brining in more members of the Brask, Inc. team to the expo next year to learn from industry experts, end-users, and vendors.” – Dinesh Bakshi, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Brask, Inc.